"Passenger is a very enjoyable contemporary jazz recording that draws the trio form to a line close to pop aesthetics, sometimes elevates the pulse, and sometimes evokes unique feelings with the atmosphere it creates" DARK BLUE NOTES (Turkey)

“Extremely melodic and accessible overall this is all intelligent music making in the sense of avoiding cliché and delivering clarity” MARLBANK

“The experience of travel that Schantz is invoking is not a package holiday trip but rather the spiritually inspiring beauty of tropical landscapes and majestic mountain scenery” LONDON JAZZ NEWS


“Y nos encontramos con un trío brillante que lamentamos no haber conocido antes” JAZZ, ESE RUIDO  

“Morten Schantz’ tangenter har en fantastisk evne til at skrive knudrede melodier, der smelter fast i hjernen og leverer både dem og improvisationen med et overskud der ofte er overvældende” UNDERTONER


“Trioen er et fyrværkeri. Det er den udadvendte jazz, der kravler ind i kroppen på lytteren” JAZZNYT

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All About Jazz

Schantz is able to embrace a carefully constructed dramaturgy that often explodes in melodic hooks that are so grand that they would fit a stadium


With Morten Schantz Danish jazz has gotten a new international star

The Guardian

Morten Schantz is European jazz name we’re going to get used to hearing.

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